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Welcome to the website of the British Cemetery in Madrid. The Cemetery is located at Calle Comandante Fontanes, 7, 28019 Madrid. It is owned by the British Government and was founded in 1854.  While predominantly a place of Christian burial, it has become a resting place for people of other faiths, including Judaism and Islam, and many nationalities.  There are approximately 600 graves. 


The upkeep of the site owes much to the voluntary work done by the British community and in particular by a dedicated committee.  We also depend on the financial support received from two UK-based benefactors, The William Allen Young Charitable Trust and the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, and from private donations. Should you wish to donate, please follow the link on this page.


Ashes can be buried and commemorative plaques can be sited in memory of departed friends and loved ones regardless of where they are buried.

After more than 150 years,
it continues to hold a special place in the affections of many in the city and elsewhere. The garden and monuments offer peaceful surroundings to remember friends and relatives and reflect on the historic contribution made to Madrid over the years by many families, British and otherwise.

Sarah-Jane Morris

British Consul, Madrid

Chairman of the British Cemetery Madrid Committee

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